Striped Image


Striped Image

R-22 @ ENW

$240/hr - wet***

R-44 @ ENW

$400/hr - wet***

Flight Instruction in Your Aircraft


***Discount and Dry rates are available


Instruction (Flight or Ground)

$50/hr @ ENW

Instruction - Insrument

$50/hr @ ENW

Pilot Services

$50/hr @ ENW

Pilot down time

$40/hr firsthour free

Overnight for Pilot/Instuctor

$450/day plus Expenses

Flight Instruction in Your Aircraft





Annual Inspection fee

$200 (on top of labor)

Overnight for Mechanic

$650/day plus Expenses

Heated Hanger Storage





Other Aircraft

Rate depends on footprint

**Prefered customer rate $75/hr

* There is a 10% Discount available for aircraft rental if you deposit at least $3,000 on account for the R-22 or at least $5,000 on account for the R-44.

*** Dry rates are computed by subtracting fuel cost at 8 gallons per hour for the R-22 and 15 gallons per hour for the R-44. Pilot replaces the fuel he uses.

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